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I’ve read your book on the Yom Kippur War at least five times and recently read an English translation of The Watchman Fell Asleep. Like all the books on the war, Lieut. Siman-Tov is mentioned as someone who thought the Egyptian were preparing for war, not an exercise. But he’s never mentioned again. What happened to him? He seems more important to me than the short shrift he gets in the histories. Thanks for any response.

Ben Rosenberg

Thanks for your letter, Ben. About Siman-Tov, he reached the rank of colonel and works now in the Interior Ministry. He would be in his early 60s. He indeed gained
prominence because he was mentioned in the Agranat Commission report but
there were others who raised the alarm as well.




The Yom Kippur War – 40 years on

I was recently interviewed on camera by Reuters and by Al Jazeera on the occasion of the Yom Kippur War’s 40th anniversary. The videos are below.

This short video is just under 2 minutes long and can be viewed here.

Video content may not be accessible in all countries.

Al Jazeera
This documentary is 48 minutes long and I appear after 3 minutes.


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